DCGreen is a company founded by Dutch and German experts. In the VPN market, DCGreen targets three segments: the cloud-using consumer market (B2C), the cloud-providing and cloud-using corporate market (B2B) across all industries, and the global interconnection of IoT devices. By serving these diverse segments, DCGreen establishes itself as a versatile and comprehensive provider of VPN and cloud services.

One of the key aspects setting DCGreen apart from its competitors is the utilization of the WireGuard® protocol. Unlike other VPN providers, DCGreen’s OpticVPN is the only VPN worldwide offering WireGuard®-based services on FPGA. This enables DCGreen to provide unparalleled speed and performance, delivering data, videos, and streaming services up to 100 times faster than any other known solution. Notably, OpticVPN by DCGreen was developed by DCGreen shareholder BrightAI.

DCGreen is set to redefine the global pioneer of the VPN industry, able to offer a superior product with faster data speeds at a significantly lower price than its competitors. Following funding, DCGreen will rapidly expand its customer base with a global target audience strategy and a superior product that will redefine the boundaries of the rapidly growing VPN industry.

DCGreen’s product range includes various services such as OpticVPN, Optic Streaming, Optic Video/Messaging, and Optic AI. These services have already proven their reliability with tens of millions of hours of runtime and zero downtime. By offering a comprehensive range of services, DCGreen caters to the diverse needs and requirements of its users.

A significant advantage DCGreen holds over its competitors is its cost efficiency. DCGreen’s proprietary crypto protocols offer a cost savings of 75% compared to other providers like Microsoft, Amazon’s Edge, or Google. Furthermore, the DCGreen solution provides investment and ongoing cost reductions, making it the most attractive VPN option for businesses aiming to optimize their expenditures. Based on DCGreen’s software solutions, competitive advantages can be achieved, surpassing any current VPN market competitors:

  • Operating Expenses (OPEX)

80% reduction in energy and emissions compared to CPU-based WireGuard® platforms.

  • Efficiency

Over 100 times the watt/speed ratio compared to CPU-based competitors (> 100 Gbit/s/75 Watt).

  • Compatibility 

The solution can switch between Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G up to 10G networks.

  • Future Security Proof

Quantum-secure key exchange is possible.